If you are in search of information regarding how to make cheap international calls, BlueTone offers the best service at some of the best rates available today. Whether you prefer to call from your PC, cell phone, home or a friend’s house, you can make international calls that don't cost a fortune, so that you can enjoy talking to family or friends any time you like.

Those who make calls abroad on a regular basis want to know how to make cheap international phone calls, since calling internationally can rack up a substantial amount of money fast. Today, you can make international phone calls a number of ways. You may want to place calls via the internet, on your cell phone or home phone using a prepaid phone card.

On the internet, calls can be made between personal computers or between a regular telephone and a PC. Using your PC to make the call is cheap and easy. If two PC's are used during the call, you simply speak and listen through your headset or speakers. International calls made using the internet are far more affordable than calls billed to you by your local phone company or even by long distance providers.

Prepaid phone cards are another option when you frequently place international calls. Most cards can be used to place a call to any area of the world, and the cost per minute is much cheaper than what you would pay a traditional long-distance service company. How much you pay per minute usually depends on where you are calling, but the rate is far less than you pay using traditional methods. Another benefit of prepaid phone cards is that you can carry them with you everywhere, so you can make a call from anywhere you may be.

If you're wondering how to make cheap international calls using your cell phone, there are also prepaid cards available today that are designed for this purpose. Additionally, you can talk from your cell phone through an access code using the speed dial service. Simply save your access code to your cell phone, and you never have to worry about remembering PIN codes.

BlueTone offers a program that is designed for those who call certain numbers on a frequent basis. You can select three numbers and make international calls at lower rates. The Circle of Friends program is a good choice if you have certain numbers that you call more often than others.

Now that you know how to make cheap international calls, what are you waiting for? Talk all you want, and never worry again about huge cell phone or landline bills.