Making international calls from a mobile or cell phone can be very costly. At BlueTone, we help you to call friends and loved ones anywhere in the world without spending a bundle! Whether you travel abroad or call family members in another country on a regular basis, you should be able to connect with your favorite people without paying a premium price.

Of course you can make international calls from your cell phone through your mobile carrier, but you need to do the research before you do. Most cell phone service providers charge exorbitant rates if you travel to another country or make international calls from the U.S. Even with the cheapest plan, roaming charges can mount quickly. BlueTone is the leader when it comes to making international calls from your mobile; you can enjoy talking for as long as you like without the worry of racking up a huge bill.

Prepaid services are the smart way to make international calls from a cell phone - and you have options, depending on your needs. With prepaid services, you can choose an option with PIN (personal identification number), PINLESS or BlueCall. You never pay extra charges, only for the calling minutes you actually use when calling internationally. You can choose all three, or the package that suits your needs according to how long your calls usually last and how often you make international calls.

When you make frequent international calls from your mobile or your calls are usually lengthy, prepaid cards are the smart way to go. They are rechargeable, and since you have your own PIN and unique access number you can make calls anytime you like day or night at a low rate per minute. For example, you can call Costa Rica for just 7.9 cents per minute, so even if you talk for an hour you've only spent $4.74! Join Circle of Friends and enjoy even lower rates on the three numbers you call most.

Calling friends and loved ones abroad doesn't have to cost a fortune. At BlueTone, we provide the most affordable packages so that you can make international phones calls from a cell phone or mobile and enjoy the visit without the expense worries. Why pay the huge prices your cell phone company charges when you don't have to? When it comes to calling internationally from a cell or mobile phone, we offer unmatched service and rates.