Today, many people choose to use prepaid calling cards for making long distance or international calls. At BlueTone, we offer several packages that allow you to save a substantial amount of money when calling friends or family members no matter where in the world they may live. Whether you are tired of paying high rates charged by your local phone company or cell provider, or have less than great credit, prepaid calling cards let you stay connected.

There are many reasons you may want to use prepaid calling cards to make long distance or international calls. While landlines are quickly becoming extinct, some people still use them and to not have long distance service. Since the cards offer a low rate per minute and you pay no extra fees, you experience great savings.

At BlueTone, we realize that you want to enjoy visiting with family and friends without time limitations due to high costs. We offer several options with our prepaid calling cards that are perfect for any need, whether you call a friend or loved one every week and talk for an hour, or once per month for only a few minutes. Our packages include PINLESS, with PIN and BlueCall, or you can use all three if you like. No matter which package is right for you, the only charge to you is for the actual number of minutes you use.

Using prepaid calling cards to call long distance or internationally just makes good sense. When you call collect or go through the operator, costs are much higher. Companies who provide prepaid calling services can offer you substantial savings over traditional services because they provide a much larger volume of traffic to the service carriers. This means low, affordable rates for you no matter who you call, where they live or what time of the day or night it may be.

You may have family or friends overseas, and staying in touch on a regular basis is simply too expensive. At BlueTone, we offer a way for you to enjoy talking with friends and loved ones as often as you like, without worrying about the costs racking up. Cell phone companies take advantage of you when calling long distance or abroad, and you are left studying a detailed statement to see how much it is actually costing you.

BlueTone invites you to browse our prepaid calling cards to see just how much you can save when calling overseas or long distance. Now, you can talk all you like without paying a bundle!