eCalling Card

All BlueTone customers get a free "virtual calling card."
Access the world with our virtual calling cards. They work just like a physical calling card - enter a secure PIN and call any number from any phone, at BlueTone's great low rates.


  • PIN protected for security
  • Call from any landline or mobile phone
  • Call from any location (great for travel)

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Use At Home or Abroad

Calls made from outside of the Canadian, Canada and Australia are limited to select countries. Click here for a full list of countries.


Access Number

Dial the virtual calling card access number.


Enter your PIN, then press the pound (#) key.


Enter the country code + the destination phone number, then hit the pound (#) key. (You do not need to press “Send” to make calls, only the pound key.)

eCalling Card: A Virtual Travel Card
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